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High quality weed (chronic).
Damn, that shit was dank. (referring to weed)
Where did you get the danks from? (referring to weed)
by theoneandonly February 28, 2005
One of the richest states in the country with 2 of the richest counties in the country: Howard Country and Montgomery County. It is the southern most state in the Northeast; where Polo's are the state-wide clothingwear.
The state motto is the Free State and everyone loves the Baltimore crabs.
The state consists of the mountainous west and the hickish east while the Baltimore-Washington Corridor keeps the state up from a poor/hickfilled future.
Guy 1: "Where is the best place to live in the country?"
Guy 2: "Maryland, of course. The weather is perfect, the suburbs are affluent, and the Baltimore crabs are divine."
by theoneandonly November 28, 2004
The baddest mothafucka in town.
Yo don't make me get all waqaar on your ass.
by TheOneAndOnly February 24, 2005
To be called Jaydee is a huge compliment with no specific implication.
'Jaydee, whats the time?'
Translation: You rule so much, whats the time
by theoneandonly December 09, 2004
the potential a man has just by looks to get in a girl's pants...used on a scale of 1 through 10
he is hot!!!
yea i give him an fp of 9
by TheOneAndOnly January 12, 2004
Something that keeps you from your work.
Brent, a.k.a. Beebop, coming to visit your office with no apparent agenda.
by TheOneAndOnly April 15, 2005

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