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9 definitions by TheOne

shitbreck/walker is a little fucking maggot, who will never amount to anything in his life.
"shut the fuck up u maggot"
by TheOne November 30, 2004
1 17
Inhabitant of a slum in the North West of England called Liverpool.

Has a massive inferiority complex to the rest of the human race, thinks the world owes them a living, avoids all forms of work - claiming various disabilities.

Other definition "pikey in a council House"

Uniform Piss stained tracksuit bottoms, lacoste tshirt(unwashed) scuffed and stinky Fila trainers, Baseball cap worn at an absurd angle and a enough cheap gold jewellery (usually bought from Argos or stolen) to put Mr T to shame.

They speak like they are constantly attempting to cough up a greeny.

Avoid at all costs, attracted to all things shiny!
The Boswells, the drug addicts, burglars and gangsters in Brookside.
by TheOne September 07, 2004
90 108