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High on Cocaine.
Last night I had a few lines, and I was totally gacked.
by Theone December 30, 2003
A girl wit a bangin body but she ugly as hell.
Girls niggas jus fu** for they body then dis them cuz they only wanted them 4 they body and not they face
by THEONE April 10, 2004
A rogue soldier. One who risks one's own life for the safety of others while undermining all regulations or cautions for safety.
by theone October 31, 2003
tha illest, laid back, brotha u would ever meet. ask neone from mw.
Hice the saga
by TheOne July 10, 2003
someone who smokes entirely too much pot
(in slow, monotonus voice) "dude, you are such a neuro."
by TheOne August 30, 2004
Bulletin board for FXP kiddie nerds who think they are über 1337. It's administrated by major geeks such as Uniter and Steveswaldo.

Used to be a good community, until all the n00bs on it decided to try and take control by creating a "democracy".
OMFG c0relpay teh pwnz Xanter!!!11
c0replay gets fuxxed in the arse by Uniter.
Steveswaldo is requesting gay pr0n on c0replay for his Cheerio ass-fuck buddy.
RepOne is the only respected person on c0replay.
by TheOne March 15, 2005
shitbreck/walker is a little fucking maggot, who will never amount to anything in his life.
"shut the fuck up u maggot"
by TheOne November 30, 2004

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