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2 definitions by TheOkami1113

The modicum of time--approx. 60 seconds (depending on the capacity of the lunchroom)--one must rush into the lunch line before it starts looking like the line to the bathroom after lunch.
Charles: Hey, Jim, you being chased?
Jim: Not now, Chuck, it's the lunch rush minute! Gotta get to the line before the juniors cut in front!
Charles: Don't bother, it's just turkey sloppy joes. And it seems to be coming out the same way it came in.
by TheOkami1113 October 17, 2011
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"Burn the House to kill the Mouse"
A) To punish the whole group harshly because someone isn't telling the truth, especially for a minor issue.
B) To handle a situation by prohibiting an action at whole in order to solve a minor issue.
C) Eliminate a good thing in its entirety simply to solve a minor, solvable, or insignificant problem.
Earl: My mom decided to stop buying hot chocolate just because someone didn't claim their dirty cup.

Mark: Tsk, "burn-the-house" mentality.
by TheOkami1113 October 29, 2011
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