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The act of (typically a man) fantasizing about another man, whether sexual or otherwise. Often the result of a Bromance or Mancrush
"Wow bro, I was totally Mantasizing about you last night dude."

"Go Mantasize about him. You guys are friends, and he'll probably like it."
by TheObsticle December 07, 2009
Any event that serves to kill any and all excitement previously generated.
"I know this test sucks, but it's nothing to Lose Your Boner about"

"Alright team, we played a great game tonight, but we've got one more to win. So don't Lose Your Boner yet."

"Is it just me or did you just Lose Your Boner?"

"I know got an A on the last test, but this chapter is completely different. So Lose Your Boner at the door, 'cause it's gonna be a long night."
by TheObsticle December 07, 2009

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