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To act like the Winklevoss twins, that is:

To contend or vie for something again and again, always without success - and sometimes to the point of being labeled an asshole.
Team rocket winklevies for Pikachu every episode, man. It's not going to happen.
by TheNew90s April 18, 2011
1. To take a dump in a person's bathroom shortly after meeting them.

2. The mud monkey you unleashed into the toilet shortly after receiving the obligatory house tour.
Angry Friend: "Dude, I told you to introduce yourself, not introDEUCE yourself. Now my chick's entire apartment smells like dookey."

Bitch: "Girl, this bathroom smells like chud! We just got here... did some asshole already take an introdeuce?"

Douche: "I wouldn't go in there. I just left an introdeuce as a housewarming gift."
by TheNew90s April 04, 2011
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