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8 definitions by TheMute1

1)A painful condition resulting from exposure of skin to ultraviolet radiation. In exetreme cases the skin may turn purple.

2)An alias used by middle Georgia producer and electronic artist Josh Davidson.
1)Ow! This purple sunburn hurts. Perhaps I should have used sunblock.
by TheMute1 July 27, 2004
112 27
A very bad condition where too much water gets into the cylinders of and engine. It causes massive damage as water does compress as easily as gasoline.
My friend drove through a puddle and hydrolocked his engine.
by TheMute1 July 27, 2004
32 10
Handheld version of the popular M60 machine gun. Specially lightened and weighted to be easy to operate while moving.
It's a machine gun. Period.
by TheMute1 July 27, 2004
24 3
A type of pool played with nine balls in a diamond configuration. The point of the game is to get all nine in the pockets in numerical order.
Nine ball pool can be seen at 2 o'clock am on ESPN 2.
by TheMute1 July 27, 2004
22 4
A performance engine designed to combine fuel efficiency and power. V-TEC stands for Variable Valve Timing and Electronic Lift Control. Designed by Honda, it was the first engine to incorporate these features. Under 5k rpm it operates like a normal Honda engine. Over 5k rpm the computer varies the valve timing and the camshaft height to keep the engine at peak power. If driven hard it guzzles gas like any other performance engine. If driven like a grandma it boasts the usual excellent Honda fuel efficiency. It was simply designed to provide power on demand. Anyone who puts this into their car is wasting money since the modifications necessary to turn any Honda into a V-TEC are cheaper than the engine swap.
Honda kicks ass, no one else did a vvt engine for like five years.
by TheMute1 July 27, 2004
108 90
An entity that ownz other entities.
Germany, asskickers from way back, rolled through France in six weeks.
by TheMute1 July 27, 2004
16 6
a member of the group of "birds" known as penguins. in reality they are an evil race of aliens who have been in hiding but will soon rise up and enslave or kill all humans.
Holy shit! That penguin just killed Dave! They're attacking!
by TheMute1 October 26, 2004
56 48