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The star of hit Canadian show on Treehouse tv, in which we follow Daniel Cook doing all the shit we'll never get to do. Plus, on top of this, he is a total pimp and has A.D.D.
This is Daniel Cook flying to the moon in the stomach of a cyclops with bad diarrea and a hot-ass wife
by TheMooCow47 April 06, 2006
Consperience: n; A company located in Windsor Ontario in which produces low budget movies that totally suck balls
The word means to experience a consperacy, to have a "consperacy experience; consperience"
Person: Hey, did you see that consperience movie?
Gangsta: No, the fuck is consperience?
by TheMooCow47 April 06, 2006
When a gay person has a girl friend, but acts like he's straight, the girlfriend has a symbolic penis.
Hey Zach, does your "partner" have a penis?
Yes, a symbolic penis.
by TheMooCow47 April 06, 2006
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