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1 definition by TheMo209

A city in Northern California; aka as Motown or The Mo population estimated of 200,000+ One of the best places to live if your chill, outgoing, down & just like to kick back. Nobody will judge you as long as you keep it real & mind your own business. The area code is 209 & the city is mainly over runned by Nortenos & street gangs that you would rather avoid unless you want problems. You'll find any type of drug you want. Downtown- comes alive at night, they have brenden theatre, studio 47, hsn, bars, clubs, restaurants & hella taco trucks. Westside- (WSM) the ghetto, where most black population live, liquor stores, shootings, hobos but alot of the gangster kickbacks, the place to get that sticky green & chill if you like to drink up. Eastside- (ESM) where most of the rich whites & asians stay at. Northside- (NSM) aka the Nasty North. Has the known village to gangsters & also the descent side, has the mall, the runs, always layed back alot of house partys. Southside- (DSSM) aka Deep, where most Latino population stay at, alot of crackheads, they got the fleamarket, taco trucks & hella bomb mexican restaurants. Salida- aka The Cuts, part of Northside, nothing goes on but its a nice, quite place to live. Modesto 209
Example one- Let's hit the runs in northside, pick up some brew at westside market, swoop my boy in eastside, go grub in deep & get some bitches downtown nigga.

Example two: Omg look at all those gangsters kicking it at the park. Oh here comes a chola wearing sweats, hair up & walking fast, she's about to fight! That's how females do in the 209. Talk sh*t get hit.

Example three: Damn that guy must be from the east because he's fine as f*ck/ damn that girl has to be from northside because she hella fine.

Example four: Ay homie, you hear about the fight? That white guy got his sh*t split for dissing Modesto. That's right! Because that's how we get down in the Mo.
by TheMo209 September 03, 2012