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1. Used to describe a person with lesser than average intelligence

2. Used in a situation where cognitive thought has been trumped by the sheer stupidity and absurdity of the situation.
1. That Fanny No Nanny just stuck their ice cream on their head.

2. "Wha.. whart is teh fanny no nanny?!"
by TheMightyElk January 04, 2010
1. A theme park comprised of dumpsters.

2. A Theme park with an extensive amount of dumpsters.

3. A Campground where children play in the dumpsters.
1. Hey, do ya see the kid in the Dumpster Ferris wheel?

2. Jeez do you think they have enough Dumpsters in this theme park?

3. Whats with all of these kids playing in the dumpsters? its like some kind of Dumpster Themepark.
by TheMightyElk May 24, 2010

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