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A belief held by goths that they are somehow more special than your average person. If you ask a goth to describe goths as a whole, they will tell you that goths are smart, intelligent, and creative people. This is a fallacy, they are no more smart/dumb/creative/good looking/ugly than any other group. They're average, like everyone else.
Person who wrote the top definition of goth on urbandictionary -- "Goths are also very intelligent and creative."

Random person-- "Stop using goth logic. You're not any more special than anyone else, despite the fact you wear a black leather corset."
by TheManikin December 21, 2008
Dump the clip is either a action or a command.

As an action, it means emptying a clip from a gun by shooting all the rounds into something (or someone).

As a command, it means to shoot at something, however, it does not necessarily mean shooting all rounds.
"The crackhead pulled a knife on me so dumped the clip on him."

"Holy shit! That guy has a gun! Dump the clip!"
by TheManikin December 21, 2008

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