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n: While a person is on a run, they will increase their speed to a, roughly, 95% sprint when in the sight of others. Once out of sight, they will slow down to the jogging or walking state that they were in before being noticed.
Earl - "Look at Jim go! He can really run."
Billy - "Don't be fooled, Earl. I hear Jim is a real run poser."
by TheManOfTheMan December 30, 2009
1. Someone who is a coward, wimp and a pussy.
2. A person who don't stand out for himself.
3. A person who fight in number but afraid to fight alone.

4. A big person who bully smaller people but don't pick on someone his own size.
5. A man who abused woman.
6. Run from his fight instead of fighting back.
7. a woman who pull another woman hair during a fight.
8. When a guy scared to ask a girl out to date or ask for her number.
Bob: hey rob. Rob: hey bob how Ya doing? Bob: I'm great rob, to you see that girl ask her out. Rob: no, I'm afraid she might say no. Bob: you such a big wussy. Rob: don't call me that. Bob: or else what hit me? Rob: nothing, I don't like to fight.
by Themanoftheman February 08, 2015

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