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A Sophie is the most beautiful woman you will ever lay eyes on. She is a good friend, and has a subtle essence of mystery about her. If this mystery intreagues you enough to persue romance, you will be swept away by her. She will surprise you often, and once she opens up to you, you will never see a reason to leave her side.

If sexual relations ensue, a Sophie is secretly the freakiest, hottest partner you will ever have. She will pull your hair, moan loudly, and beg you not to stop. They like to take it slow, though, so tread carefully.

A Sophie usually comes from a less than ideal upbringing, but has aspiration to become a successful, independent woman. Most adult Sophie's can be found happily living in a suburban setting, married with children, a college degree, and a good career.

In short, a Sophie is ideal as a friend, lover, partner, student, daughter, and employee.
Guy 1: "Hey Guy 2, who is that cute girl over there with the shiny brown eyes?"

Guy 2: "That, my friend, is a Sophie. She is truly one of a kind."

Guy 1: "I think I'm in love."
by TheManBehindTheCurtain April 07, 2013

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