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A poke or other physical act by someone to awaken their spouse for sexual liaisons. This is similar to a Booty Call, but between married partners.
I had fallen asleep and was awoken with a booty nudge by my horny wife for sex.


The best sex with my husband is when he wakes me up really early in the morning with a booty nudge for a hook up.
by TheMAn January 23, 2014
(n) 1. A complete retard both mentaly and socially. 2. Someone who acts like a total wuss. 3. A complete loser and complainer.
Wow, I'm embarrassed to be seen with a Shtyken
by theman October 06, 2004
Short, dumb and untalented along with being owned by thehyena.
GalantGSR91 is a pizza delivery biotch.
by TheMan April 21, 2005
It is like saying "What the fuck are you talking about??!?"
Other person - "So, do you like cheese?"

You reply - "grimwhich?"
by TheMan December 25, 2003
a pimped-out way to say what ever
John:I met the president
Layne:Nigga plz~
by theman March 10, 2005
see anal
Tom gave Harry a phat beef injection
by TheMan March 08, 2004
The act of taking a shit on your partner, most commonly soft, greenish shit
my girlfriend scatted all over, and i liked it
by TheMan December 28, 2003

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