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To 'meep' is to talk and talk and talk without really adding anything to the conversation. If you meep, you don't really have anything interesting to say, you're just speaking because you can.

If you meep, you become, a meeper.

The words 'meep' and 'meeping' and 'meeper' were created by Benjamin off Big Brother Australia 2012.
"So uuum, today I went phone shopping, and like i was gunna get an iphone 5, but like i didn't. So then like I was gunna get an iphone 4S, but then like - "

"Stop meeping, Charlie!"

"Yeah, what a meeper."
by TheLostUnicorn07 October 05, 2012
Bon Jovi is an American rock band that formed in 1983, and have continued to rock girls socks off since with their jaw dropping music.

As a side note, they are far more talented than One Direction, and always will be.
*woooah, livin' on a prayer*

"Pwoaah! Actual music! Who sings this?"

"Bon Jovi, mate."
by TheLostUnicorn07 October 05, 2012
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