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A Muskrat's Nest is defined as completely filling the toilet bowl with paper, even until the toilet paper is high and dry above the bowl line, and then defecating on top of the giant pile of toilet paper. A properly built nest can usually only be removed by the use of a spade shovel, as flushing at that point would prove all but impossible. By keeping the muskrat on top of the nest and not in the water, the vile stench of the muskrat can be allowed to permeate the entire venue. The muskrat's nest is intended as a practical joke, or as revenge for having been muskrat-nested. A Muskrat's Nest must be built with caution, as they are illegal in most states.
Rob: Hey Jake, the service at this restaurant totally sucks ass!

Jake: Yeah, you should totally go build a Muskrat's Nest in the men's room!

Rob: Fuck yeah! That'll teach 'em! In fact, I'll even do it in the lady's room!
by TheLordofHazard March 09, 2010
Muskrat Karma is the karma created for leaving a Muskrat's Nest. Leaving a Muskrat's Nest on the undeserving and unwitting breeds bad Muskrat Karma. Leaving a Muskrat's Nest to the deserving breeds good Muskrat Karma.
Example of bad Muskrat Karma:

Jake: Rob, I just built a huge Muskrat's Nest in my grandma's bathroom! Isn't that some funny shit!?

Rob: Damn, Jake! That's not funny at all! Don't you know that creates bad Muskrat Karma for you? Now you're destined to be Muskrat's Nested yourself!

Jake: Oh, God! Where's the shovel?

Example of good Muskrat Karma:

Rob: Jake, I just snuck into the lady's room and built the largest Muskrat's Nest EVER! That'll teach this shitty restaurant to have shitty service!

Jake: <LOL> Yeah it will! Dude, you're totally gonna get some good Muskrat Karma! I doubt anyone will ever Muskrat's Nest your bathroom ever again!

Rob: High Five!!
by TheLordofHazard March 09, 2010
(noun) Coma Toke is often known as a mix of tobacco and marijuana, usually at a 50-50 ratio, for the purpose of smoking. Although this mix of tobacco and marijuana is said to have a head-rush/euphoric effect for some, it's a good way to completely ruin perfectly good marijuana.

(verb) To Coma Toke is the act of smoking a mix of tobacco and marijuana (aka coma toke), usually at a 50-50 ratio.
Jaime: Rob, do you want to take some coma tokes?

Rob: Sure, I guess I could try it... *cough, cough gag, gag* Oh! That shit sucks!

Jaime: You suck!
by TheLordofHazard April 12, 2010
When a snowboarder (usually a noob) catches the front edge of their stick on the snow and is instantly face-planted by the forces of inertia. Some might call this the snowboarder's version of a yardsale, which is arbitrary because in this case no gear is broken loose and sent flying down the slopes. Flyswatters are very funny to witness. Especially by skiers.
<From the Chairlift>

Jake: Rob, did you just see that noob flyswatter his face into the ice?

Rob: Yeah, I almost pissed my pants it was so funny!

Jake and Rob: Flyswatter!!!
by TheLordofHazard March 11, 2010

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