2 definitions by TheLongOne

A beast of cave dwelling nature. Her hatred for everything, despite her perfection, infuriates 'the Long One' and causes her to smash the Jo Joy specimen with the swivelly chair of the study room.
She is often found in dark corners, muttering and rocking but can be coaxed into some basic forms of social interaction by offering gifts of mars bars and cheesy Doritos.
-I'm so shit at everything, despite being so beautiful, intelligent and popular. I hate everyone.
- Someone's being a Jo Joy...
by TheLongOne November 09, 2011
when a man fucks a women in the ass, she proceeds to shit on the man's cock and he then in turn flips her over and fucks her pussy
i gave my girl a Texas Chillydog yesterday. She didn't like that suprise
by thelongone August 03, 2012

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