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The greeting taught when you take the first course of AP Mexican .
In Spanish 1, you're taught "hola" or "buenos dias."
In French 1, you're taught "Bonjour."
In Chinese 1, you're taught "Ni Hao."
In Japanese 1, you're taught "Konicheewa."
In Latin 1, you're taught "Lorem."
In Mexican 1, you're taught "Orale!"
After experience, in the rigorous course of AP Mexican, you're taught "Wassup Holmes."
Professora Maria: Pablo, how doo you saye the word "Hello" in dees classe's langwage?

Pablo: Wassup Holmes!

A month later...
Pablo: Mommy, Papi, look what I got in AP Mexican!

Mommy and Papi: Oh, Pablo, we're so proud of that A minus!
by TheLegendwhosurvivedtheHood November 20, 2011
Sexual:(Moan Moan Moan Moan Moan Moan) DDDAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!
Spanish: La musica orgasmica
French: La musique orgasmique
Simplified Chinese: 高潮音乐
Arabic: النشوة الموسيق
Greek: οργασμική μουσική
Russian: оргазма музыки
Latin: orgasmic musicae
English: Orgasmic Music
Accelerated English: The one music genre that's known for giving something that Beiber's music never will: Wet Moments. Dubstep fucks your mind to the 3rd degree and makes your brain hyper-mega-drunk in order that it subconsciously presses the "SEND ALL BLOOD CELLS TO PENIS TO ERECT IT" button. Thus resulting in a sticky and hopefully white substance exiting your rectum.
Me: (Opening Door) Dude, remember to return my $400 pants after you're do-
Friend: (Hypnotized, drooling, and staring at screen which reads "Youtube: Skrillex Dubstep")
Me: (Angry as hell) WTF!!!!!! I told you those were new pants!
by TheLegendwhosurvivedtheHood November 13, 2011

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