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An actual number that lies between 13 and 14. It's acurate placement is exactly 13.6, when used in sequential order it would go twelve, thirteen, fiveteen, fourteen, fifteen!
It seems like I've been working on this for almost fiveteen minutes!
by TheLaw5 February 22, 2008
A word used to present something or someone. Also, scone is used quite frequently to attract attention to oneself! keep in mind for flavor, you must have one arm fully stretched out and in the air when using this word!

Yes it also is the name of a tasty baked goodie from what I am told, but if you were to walk into a bakery and yell out the word Scone extremely loud, wouldn't everybody look at you too! Scone! And you may just get a free one placed in your hand!
I now present to you, Ladies and Gentlemen, DJ Apple! "SCONE!"

Ladies and Gentlemen I give you... Scone!

by TheLaw5 February 22, 2008

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