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A Fuzzy Phillipe(fil ee pay) is when a gay man has his lover gently trim his coarse butt hairs, and gather them in a small tray.

He then retrieves glue (preferable superglue) and glues a thin Mexican moustache strip onto the upper lip of the ass hair owner.

Once this is complete and looking dandy, the now named "Phillipe" will attempt at a sloppy rim job of their lover, with extra tongue.

The man getting rimmed, will feel a slightly fuzzy tickle of the mustache and dance with excitement.

This is the Fuzzy Phillipe
Gay Man 1: Ive never tried a Fuzzy Phillipe before.
Gay Man 2: Well let me show you.
Gay Man 1: Oh Jeffery, that feels tremendous!
Gay Man 2: Shhhh, call me...Phillipe.
by TheLargeBreastedBandit April 27, 2011
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