1 definition by TheLAWisokIguess

Similar/based off of a gorilla mask, to rape a girl for any reason (most likely because the man hates her) while the female is sleeping or on GHB, whilst taking photos of it with a Polaroid camera- prior to ejaculating, the man cums on her face and gently sticks on the Polaroid photos on her face, the cum acting as glue. In the morning, the woman should look in the mirror and see these photos sticking to her face, giving her the awe of a scrapbook/seeing her face was made into a scrapbook.
That whore cindy that divorced me was passed out drunk. So for a little payback from the share she took from me, I took all of her dignity by giving her a scrapbook.
by TheLAWisokIguess December 14, 2008

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