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Talentless kid who is 16 but looks and sounds like a 11 year old girl. Basically the white version of Chris Brown. Like Chris Brown, has an annoying group of fangirls who make believe he is theirs and will use the jealous card to those who don't like him. He is also probably the worst thing to happen to mainstream music since Soulja Boy. I honestly don't think mainstream music can get any lower, then again I said the same thing about Avril Lavigne.

I bet that every thumbs down this comment gets is from those same fangirls I mentioned earlier.
justin bieber has no talent

dumb fangirl response: u jus jealouz cuz he b gettin famouz and u not
#talentless #boring #worst thing to happen to music #obsessed fangirls #lame
by TheKingoftheHill April 11, 2010
Angry chef who will yell, curse, throw things, and scream if things don't go his way. But he's a kick-ass chef.
Gordon Ramsey: How long for the wellingtons?

Chef: 3 minutes!

GR: You donkey!
#chef #kitchen nightmares #hells kitchen #food #angry
by TheKingoftheHill April 11, 2010
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