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one of the many villans in the Batman (DC comics) series. Since her debut in the series she has had her own comic book series put out.
she dresses in a leather cat suit and her weopon is a cat o' nine tails whip.
She has had a love interest role with bruce wayne (batman) in both series and the movies.
in one version of the comic her background story is basicly both her parents die and she is cast into the world of crime. shes in a constant battle with good and evil.
She was a major minor character in the batman tv series and was in the 1966 batman movie.
She was in the movie Batman returns played by michelle pfeiffer and the background story was way off the comic books.
in the movie Catwoman she was played by halli berry, the movie did not fare well.
Catwoman is a very awesome character in the DC comic world, my favorite.
Catwoman was awesome when she lashed that guy with her whip.
by TheKez June 22, 2005
Most popular soda from PepsiCo (excluding pepsi)
Has the most caffeine allowed in a soda.
Has 5 different flavors. Mt. Dew livewire, Mt. Dew Code red, Mt. Dew Baja blast (sold only at Taco Bell), Mt Dew Pitch Black and Original Mt. Dew. and is now sold in 14 oz cans in a 15 pack, which i think all mt dew lovers are screaming for joy about, to bad its limited edition.
Great for staying up all night at parties, doing homework etc.
Me:I love these new 14 oz cans of mt dew. To bad its a limited edition.

Friend: Ha! I think they will take it back like they say but then all soda will be 14 oz cans.

so the question is will it be limited edition?
by TheKez June 24, 2005
some one who whores out their ass or someone who has a whorey ass.

comparison to an actual whores ass.


fun nickname
omg that hoochie is such a whoreass

gina has such a whoreass

jason you whoreass

by TheKez June 18, 2005

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