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A word used to describe someone who is cute and mischievous.

The word originates from conjunction of "Baby Doll" and a commonly used suffix "ster" to denote a playfully naughty nature.
When you stuffed snow down my clothes it gave me cold for two weeks, but I still wuv you babester because you looked so cute doing it!
by TheKeyur December 01, 2010
Men who remain single past 40*.

They can be grouped in following two broad categories:

1) Those who are always looking for the next best thing, due to some underlying issue that prevents them from forming a long term relationship. OR,
2) The ones who have a Peter Pan complex and just never want to grow up.

Most of these toxic bachelors seriously consider settling down once they have a mid-life crisis and see the writing on the wall. Then they try to get married in a hurry to have kids, and to ensure their own immortality through their offspring.

*40 is a race-dependent number. Asians can be considered toxic bachelors if they remain single past 31.
George Clooney is a glorified toxic bachelor.
by TheKeyur February 08, 2012
Women who remain single past 31.

Toxic Bachelorettes come in all shapes, sizes, and socioeconomic backgrounds, but share a common trait of wasting their prime mating years in a futile relationship with a guy they chose for the wrong reasons. (E.g., "I only date someone who uses colorful toothpaste, or answers his phone with 'Ciao'.")

Most of these toxic bachelorettes are fueled by pre-menopausal hormonal imbalances, and hate men in their age-group while constantly seeking affection from far younger men.
Ann Coulter is a toxic bachelorette according to Wikipedia.
by TheKeyur February 08, 2012

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