2 definitions by TheKewlKids

Being such close friends that you are past the point of a 30 year married couple; two people being so close that they feed off of each other in every facet imaginable.
My great grandparents have been together for 60 years. Dayum nikka, talk about Tiffany and Anne close!
by TheKewlKids August 12, 2010
A sexual position where a man corn rows his scrotum hair backwards to where the hangtime of the excess hair hangs in the front like a second penis. The hangtime is used to penetrate the anus of a woman while the man is having vaginal sex. As an added benefit, many men will weave beads into their hangtime for ultimate pleasure for the female sexual partner. This cannot be performed properly on a man.
Shaneka was getting bored and started talking to my brother, Donnell, so I had to introduce the Homeboy into her life to keep her screamin'.
by TheKewlKids August 13, 2010

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