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(a) The sudden realization that you have absolutely no idea what you want to major in for the next two years of your 4 year college career.
(b) The sudden realization that a degree in humanities is applicable everywhere yet nowhere at the same time.
(c) The period of confusion around the time when a declaration of major is required to continue lessons at an educational facility
(d) The period spent before a declaration deadline questioning the future of one's life, usually brought on by a call by an expectant parent.
Alex: "Hey this party is kickn', where's the homeboy chad?"
Cletus:"He just got his first call about post college careers from his mom. To say the least he's either sitting this night out or PTFO already"
Cletus:"Totally! Bottoms up to graduate school!"
by TheKaramanukian July 26, 2011
The act of stalking pictures, searching for fun, trolling, or in general navigating Facebook while intoxicated.
Corrine posts: LOLZ OMFG I LOVE YOUR HAIRCUT. I mis you we should chill sometime <3.

Luke: Wow, don't tell me that you're shit-facebooking
by theKaramanukian June 22, 2011

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