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1. Noun. A woman who consumes alcoholic beverages in type and pace characteristic of a man until her bodily build resembles a man. Heavy beer consumption is typical, but not necessarily a predicate factor.

2. Noun. A man who prefers alcoholic beverages typically consumed by women, particularly the more elaborate and sugary mixed drinks.

3. Verb. To drink alcoholic beverages in pace or type uncharacteristic of one's gender. This behavior is often performed for acceptance into a particular social group.
1. Exemplifying the characteristics of a transbinder, she drank a forty ounce Magnum even before beginning the game of beer pong.

2. The waiter mumbled "transbinder," under his breath after the man ordered the 64oz banana margarita.

3. Freshmen students often transbind during their first year at college in order to find a social group into which they felt accepted.
by TheKTZ June 03, 2009
1. Prounounced "Lieb-rage"; Noun. An intense feeling of anger and hopelessness experienced during a prolonged stay in a library. The issue is usually on of trivial importance, but the isolating environment of a library makes the anger more acute.
Person 1: Did you see that hateful e-mail John Doe sent out to fifty people?

Person 2: Don't worry; John Doe was in the library writing a seminar paper. He was probably just experiencing librage.

Person 1: Well, that's a relief.
by TheKTZ June 03, 2009

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