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It is foretold in the Ancient Greek's books of prophecies that, one day, a man will rise to power using His awesome skills and abilities in the standing puzzle game, Jenga. He who is self-prophetic as The Jenga Master must prove himself inside the Temple of Apollo in Corinth.
The only man notably recognized as The Jenga Master goes by one name, and one name only: "Vin".
He has had swift and ruthless competition through His struggles, but nevertheless, remains undefeated in the perilous game of Jenga.
Jenga Masters go to a seperate afterlife than all others in His religion. He is in the top tier of the heavens, for he has deserved it. In this level of the heavens, there are armies of Eva Longoria's, Zooey Deschanel's, Katy Perry's, and that girl from the new Tron movie. All waiting to pleasure Him in whatever way He wants.
by TheJengaMaster October 12, 2011

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