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1. An exclamation used as a form of agreement.
2. An exclamation used as a form of contentment.
3. Also used as a greeting.
"Dude, that is one hot chick!"
- "Werd."

(Half-naked women dance on stage)
" *sigh* Werd..."

"Werd, dog! What up?"
- "Nothin' much"
by TheJEnigma February 24, 2004
expression used in gambling
C'mon ace of clubs, this is for the farm.
by TheJEnigma May 08, 2004
n. A term used to mock a fat woman whom you are hitting on for fun. Commonly used on people with thunderthighs.
Man) Hey, sugarplump, want to come back to my place?
FatWoman) Yea, let's go.
Men) Aaaahhh!!!
*screeching tires as he speeds off*
by TheJEnigma March 23, 2004
An animal who enjoys flying and tweeting.
That bird seems to be enjoying himself flying and tweeting.
by TheJEnigma May 08, 2004

Handheld gaming device created by Nintendo.
He takes his gameboy everywhere.
by TheJEnigma March 23, 2004
A woman with loose morals who regularly has sexual intercourse with four partners simultaneously.
Kia is such a 4 banger. She did John, Bob, Zack, and Tim last night.
by TheJEnigma March 28, 2004
1) When someone slaps the hell out of a hooker.
2) Uncontrollable masturbation.
3) Easy to anger.
1) He got slaphappy with Amber.
2) Dude, you gotta stop being so slaphappy. I need to use the bathroom.
3) Don't piss of John. He's slaphappy today.
by TheJEnigma March 23, 2004
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