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An unfortunate situation in which the male partner of a newly wed couple, in a fit of over excitment, looses a deuce all over the bed and his female companion. Arguably the most embarassing thing that could happen to anyone, victims of the Zachary Special are normally extremely awkward in all situations and lack normal human dignity and swag.

If you receive a Zachary Special, you might want to rethink your life because something this bad could not happen to someone who has not done something terrible in their life.

The Special is named after no particular Zachary, but zachary just happens to sound like an extremely awkward name and it would happen to someone named zachary.
Girl 2: No! what happened? did she die?
Girl 1: No Johnny pulled a Zachary Special on their hunnymoon!
Girl 2: Ew, that is actually worse than dieing.

The priest granted Colleen an annulment after he heard she recieved a Zachary Special on her wedding night.

Jerry gave up on his life after giving his wife a Zachary Special...twice.
by TheJBros11 August 16, 2010
Similar to the Third Wheel, the spare tire is that fifth person you bring on a double date who has to sit by themselves.

This can be especially embarrasing if the spare tire has to pull up a chair to a booth for four.

Spare tires are usually your socially awkward homies or people you feel bad for.
I'm never hanging out with Billy again. He said we were just going to the movies with 'some friends' but I actually just got played into being the spare tire!
by TheJbros11 January 13, 2011
A deplorable condition when an occasion, place, event, university has a lacking number of dimes compared to unattractive girls.

Common cases include sausage tests, university of notre dame, and ivy league schools

Any ratio less than 2:1 dimes to nickels could be considered Dime Deficiency, with an ideal ratio being 10+:1.
Jerry enrolled at Arizona State... Dime Deficiency must have been a big deciding factor for him.

Notre Dame

Dude 1: Yo bro you headin' up to Willy's place?
Dude 2: Naw dude, that place has a strong case of Dime Deficiency
Dude 1: Shoot Dude! Thanks for the warning

John had a nightmare about Dime Deficiency, the next day he withdrew his application to Notre Dame
by TheJbros11 September 23, 2011
Derived from the movie Inception.

Similar to how inception is placing an idea into someone's head while asleep. Unception is completely removing an idea from someone's head while asleep.
Billy woke up and couldn't remember how to speak English, he must have been Unception-ed

Tom didn't want to take his math test so he when into his teacher's dream and took away his ability to do math in a fine display of Unception.

Leonardo DiCaprio's job would have been a lot easier if he had decided to do Unception instead of inception.
by TheJbros11 January 02, 2011
A state of being when your genes are so good and suitable to make amazing super babies that you wonder why all the dime pieces arent lining up to get a piece.
Dude1: hey man how do you get so many girls to want your baby?
Dude2: Its 'cause im Straight Genetic
by TheJbros11 September 10, 2010

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