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When unexpected heavy rain starts falling on a warm evening. The rain allows you to feel excited about the fact that you're so into each other you don't mind getting wet and the temperature prevents you from becoming shivery and unattractive.
Date rain can happen during the day but it's significantly less romantic.

Note: you do not have to be on a date for the term to apply.
"The weather was supposed to be bad but it turned out to just be date rain."
by TheJ9 May 30, 2012
A particular friend or acquaintance whose reaction is used to measure the success of a pun. Usually selected based on their lack of approval of puns in general.
The joke went down well, but my usual punometer wasn't there, so I don't know how good it really was.
by TheJ9 May 08, 2011
Attending a party, or parties, with the explicit purpose of flirting.
We were flirtying hard all weekend.
by TheJ9 June 02, 2011

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