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A concensus decided upon by people who self-identify as geeks.
The geekcensus is that the Wheel of Time books will suck you in and never spit you out.
by TheInfamousJ January 23, 2005
Love of fonts, often leading to the collection of multiple fonts and typefaces on one's computer. Burgeoning fontaphilia is usually indicated by the ability to distinguish Helvetica in signage.
Times New Roman? Can't I substitute something else. I have fontaphilia and want to share.
by TheInfamousj April 04, 2011
(n.) Something which is presented as an honor or a privilege, but is actually the opposite thereof.
For being Employee of the Month at the pub where he worked, he was given the fauxnor of cleaning the restrooms.
by TheInfamousJ April 07, 2011
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