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1) A source of common teenage suicide. Mostly defined as an area of academic study- but is known to cause mental health problems such as hallucinations, dizziness, and minor cases of concussion (usually from banging your head on a desk) Many retired drill sargeants and arabian assasins take up professions as math teachers to let their steam out on innocent, unfortunate students that had come to actually learn a valuable life skill. Children- avoid math at all costs (!!)
2) A system of numbers and variables believed to be useful in everyday life
1) I had come to math class ony to find that my A+ average has been ruined by a fuckin' test with graphing inequalities... what fuckin' bitch said that
X+3X-2Y<8XY ??? SCREW MATH!!!
2) When I majored in math- i thought i had done a great thing, but it turns out my head is endlessly cluttered with meaningless numbers and symbols (!!!)
by TheHotOne February 23, 2004
One really hot guy that lives in Maryland. A guy noone can resist... not even himself.
Feifei is one hot mofo!
by TheHOTone June 01, 2004

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