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1: Gaming is thy holy pastime, thou shalt not have outdoor activities before thee.

2: Thou shalt not be fanboyish in the name of gaming.

3: Remember keep holy the game relese dates.

4: Honor thy PC and thy console.

5: Thou shalt not kill steal.

6: Thou shalt not frag...without gloating in the aftermath.

7: Thou shalt lose graciously; Thou shalt not bitch nor whine when fragged.

8: Thou shalt accept thy dice rolls as the will of the gods.

9: Thou shalt teabag only in the wake of unquestionable ownage.

10: Thou shalt not cheat nor support the farming of gold.

11: Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's roket launcher; Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's epic mount, nor his video card, nor his high score.

12: Know thy group function; Thy DPS shalt avoid aggro, thy tank shalt not attempt to DPS, thy mage shalt not forget mana potions, and thy healer shalt not go AFK without notifying thy group.
Thou shalt obey The Commandments of Gaming
by TheHanyou April 11, 2010
You see..I love gaming. I love walk-off homers & head shots, drifting the turn at 100 mph, & boss battles with a 600 ft greek god who may or may not be your father.

Gaming is having a Ridiculously Huge TV while living in a tiny one-room apartment!

Gaming is staying up until 3 AM to earn a trophy/achievement that isn't real...but is!

Gaming is Girls who know that the way to a mans heart is through a Melee attack!

Every gamer is a true gamer. Motion gamers, siting gamers, and even though we may pledge fanboy allegiance under separate flags deep down inside we all serve one master, one king! And his name is, Gaming! FOREVER MAY HE REIGN!
Man you hear that Gaming Speech at E3?
by TheHanyou June 16, 2010

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