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A sensual, physically and aesthetically attractive flapjack. Sometimes engulfed in processed sap of the elusive Acer pseudoplatanus.

A person that is often considered partially divine. Extremely attractive, both in personality and in physical prowess.

A person that is, for lack of a better term, a BAMF
The original bible verse of John 3:16 read, "For God so loved the world He gave us Coverdales."

The mere sight of a Coverdale makes me orgasm harder than any mere human ever could.

by TheHairSalon November 24, 2008
The last name of people that are always and constantly whorish. They generally have a first name of Chelsea and smell like bad fish.
That Pownell is such a slutbag, I wish she would just choke on a penis and die.

I wish I could throw up on that Pownell.

There is cream of wheat in that Pownell's shoe.

I want to rip out that Pownell's endocrine system.
by TheHairSalon November 24, 2008

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