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Aleysha is a pretty damn sexy gurl! Everyone loves her and she is like supah dupah cool, it is extremely easy to make up retarded nicknames for her such as Ally Loouieuie! Overall I believe in miracles since she came along and any guy would be lucky to have her.
Guy 1: Hey have you heard Lachlan is going out with Aleysha?

Guy 2: Yeah, but he better treat her properly, cause if he doesn't she's gonna leave his ass, and she won't come back!
by TheGuyWhoKnowsAll March 24, 2012
When you swear you're cell phone vibrates and you pull it out and there are no messages.
Ah fuck i thought she texted me, just a Ghost Vibrate.
by Theguywhoknowsall September 18, 2010

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