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As an online discussion about U2 grows longer, the probability of someone pointing out that Bono is a wanker approaches one
User1: Rattle and Hum was the best album ever
User2: That Bono is a complete wanker.
User1: Ahhh I invoke Hewson's Law, I win
#u2 #bono #paul #hewson #wanker
by TheGreatJC January 22, 2009
The sinking feeling you get when using a hand dryer that isn't a Dyson Airblade. The feeling is especially pronounced if using a pathetic Dyson lookalike, which may take several minutes to dry your hands.
What took you so long?
Sorry just had a real bad Dyson Downer. The dryer in that toilet might be the same shape as a Dyson, but it sure as shit doesn't work like one
#dyson #airblade #hand #dryer #toilet
by TheGreatJC March 05, 2012
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