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Useful phrase for when presenting or proposing a plan of action. Also, it sounds more bad ass than "is it time for..."
Is it can be tiem for teh drinkypoos?

Of course gravy, I only wish it could be all the time.
by TheGravyOne August 11, 2008
As first used in Dr Dre's The Chronic, it can mean whatever you want as it makes no sense what so ever. It is a statement that can describe any known man or woman. It can be both positive and negative, sometimes even at the same time.
What do you think of this new one piece, disco ball, boiler suit I've got on?

Man, you'se a penguin lookin motherfucker.
by TheGravyOne August 11, 2008
Means to exaggerate. Anyone who says it's "a much misused adverb, often for emphasis" is literally a piece of faecal matter so big it encompasses the whole observable universe, literally.
She was so repulsively ugly that I literally shat my own eyeballs, stitched them to my nipples and proceeded to lactate blood through my pupils.
by TheGravyOne August 11, 2008

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