12 definitions by TheGooch

Someone who is both Gay and has A.D.D.

Adam is totally Gay D.D., he can't finish one cock before he moves on to the next.
by TheGooch May 14, 2007
When a woman is blowing a guy and he experiences a fit of explosive diarreah
Dude, I just had a blowdart... sorry about your sheets.... and your girlfriend.
by TheGooch May 14, 2007
1) Someone who enjoys receiving fellatio because their length allows them to give discomfort.

2) Term used to brag about one's penis size
"Hey baby, ever had your Throat Corked? I am a total Throat Corker"
by TheGooch November 03, 2009
Someone who is desperately attempting to get laid by the same sex. A Bottom. Indicates that the person wants to be worn on another's hand like a mitten
He is totally just trying to get laid. What a total fag mitten
by TheGooch October 17, 2008
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