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Someone who, while contributing to society, overshadows that with gayness
You can build a thousand bridges, but if you suck one cock, they don't call you a bridge builder but a cocksucker.
by TheGooch October 23, 2004
The feminine equivalent of blue balls
Dude, that chick went home with a bad case of the blabias
by TheGooch May 14, 2007
To have sex with multiple women.
Honey, you know I love you. Now let's go bang that chick Utah Style.
by TheGooch October 20, 2009
An unfortunate individual who, because of his retardation, is unable to express his homosexuality effectively.

You know, Timmy would be kind of dreamy if he weren't such a homotard.


We just saw this movie about this gay retarded guy... it was called 'Homotard 2: Tard Harder'
by TheGooch May 14, 2007
A container of well packed fudge.

Also the alias of the most influential rock band of the millineum. Who can't spell.
I dipped my junk in the klownhole.

I saw klownhole last night and they were raping mike tyson with a barstool.
by TheGooch October 23, 2004
Someone who is the equivelant of getting an unexpected finger in your butt
Man, Yngwie is a total asspinky to hang out with.
by TheGooch October 17, 2008
Slang for a man's penis.
Dude, I just packed the musket on my ballcannon.
by TheGooch May 21, 2007
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