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The most beautiful girl that ever walked this planet, the name originates from Jordan, Irbid from a Obeidat village.
She represents beauty in all aspects, sexiness, being super extra cuttee, adorabble, huggable, kissable and lovable.
She has the perfect hair a girl would ever want.
A very intellegent person, likes to be the best, but usually doesnt try really hard to impress anyone because that ability just comes naturally.
Her body attracts anything that moves, including species from the same sex.
Her personality is one of a kind.
Example 1 : "Wow dude, she so fine ... I'm guessing her name's Leen."

Example 2 :

Thomas : 'What's your girlfriend's name?'
Shaun : 'My baby's name is Leen.'
Thomas : 'Ohh, that explains all that beauty.'
Shaun : 'Thanks bro.'
by TheGoldenTruth April 08, 2012
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