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1 definition by TheGoldenChimp

Pipsicle is a mispelling of the word popsicle. sue_wallins, a made up character which I used to deceive ego_trip on IRC with, used it repeatedly to annoy and confound him. In the end ego_trip believed it was a real person who was actually mispelling the word popsicle as 'pipsicle' at every opportunity. To this day I am still amazed by his flagrant stupidity and gullibility. Above you can see his "hilarious" definition of pipsicle that he posted as some sort of attempt at revenge on sue_wallins for being a complete and utter bitch.
#1. 3:53pm <egotrip> Mills, you know how sue's always talking about eating and sucking on pipsicles? Could it cause a problem if in around 24 hours a definition for pipsicle shows up on urbandictionary.com and that definition is, "Slang term for a woman's clitoris"?

#2. 5:36pm <egotrip> Why don't you have a pipsicle?
5:36pm <egotrip> Maybe that will make you feel better.
by TheGoldenChimp February 10, 2004