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3 definitions by TheGoldBull

Mixture of Vodka and Kool-Aid
Guy 1: Want some Vodkool-Aid?
Guy 2: Some what?
Guy 1: Kool-Aid mixed with Vodka
Guy 2: Hell yea bro
by TheGoldBull July 01, 2013
Short for hangover. Side effects from heavy drinking; a headache & felling sick
Guy 1: Yo I had a badass hang-o last night
Guy 2: With all that drinking, I bet
by TheGoldBull February 04, 2013
Way too Funny

The new terms for What The Fuck is WDF (what da fuck), DF, or TF.
Guy 1: Hey did you hears about that prank i pulled at school today?
Guy 2: Yea man, that was WTF.
by TheGoldBull July 08, 2012