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Franklin Lakes' Girls' Snobbish attitude reflected in a pupil's choise of high school: Blue Collar Indian Hills versus White Collar Ramapo.
Oakland, Indian Hills "They'll beat me up for my Gucci handbag!" versus Franklin Lakes, Ramapo "BUT MOM! If I don't have the Gucci Handbag the girls will beat me up!
by TheGman October 03, 2005
And explanation of the undesirable unexpected.
"Yo they were all out of sour cream and onion chips."
"Wtf h4x."
by THeGMaN September 06, 2008
Receiving a stuffed toy that resembles a dragon as a gift.
Fiona called me up to the carpark to give me a dragon!
by TheGMan February 07, 2013
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