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When given as a Christmas present, roughly equal to two naked pictures of the recipient.
"Wow he gave me continental chocolates for Christmas, better send him some naked photos!"
by Thegingerbreadman December 11, 2013
Someone with red hair, light skin, freckles, and no soul. Anyone who thinks gingers have souls is misinformed. Gingers, such as myself, suffer from a disease called Gingervitis. The ginger trait is recessive. A ginger is NOT someone with just red hair. That is called a Day Walker. Day Walkers are even more inferrior than gingers, because they are half-bloods. And as everyone knows, half-bloods suck.
Ginger: Let's go color!
Normal Person: Eww no get away from me you no-souled freak.
Day Walker: I suck.
by TheGingerbreadMan December 26, 2009
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