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Tits,Ass,And Pussy

when used in a sentence it means you would do all 3 to her
That sexy chick is sexy as hell ill T.A.P fuck her.


Ill T.A.P that
by TheGhostKiller July 10, 2009
When a male or teen wears tight jeans that are to tight ,which are supposed to be use by girls ONLY.
Dude what did i tell you about wearing those Homo Tights A.K.A Tight Jeans shit mad gay.

Again with those Homo Tights A.K.A Tight Jeans stop going through your sisters closet.

I hate these Homo Tights A.K.A Tight Jeans wearing as people that shit aint wavyyyyyyyyyy.
by TheGhostKiller August 29, 2009
people who love sneaker and are addicted to them,all they buy is sneakers
yo bro i went to my friends house and this dude was on sneaker crack ,he had like 100 pairs of sneakers.
by TheGhostKiller October 25, 2009
Dangerous Block Lock Out Crip Killers
Don't mess with the homie hes with D.B.L.O.C.K
by TheGhostKiller July 24, 2009

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