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4 definitions by TheGhostKiller

Tits,Ass,And Pussy

when used in a sentence it means you would do all 3 to her
That sexy chick is sexy as hell ill T.A.P fuck her.


Ill T.A.P that
by TheGhostKiller July 10, 2009
7 1
When a male or teen wears tight jeans that are to tight ,which are supposed to be use by girls ONLY.
Dude what did i tell you about wearing those Homo Tights A.K.A Tight Jeans shit mad gay.

Again with those Homo Tights A.K.A Tight Jeans stop going through your sisters closet.

I hate these Homo Tights A.K.A Tight Jeans wearing as people that shit aint wavyyyyyyyyyy.
by TheGhostKiller August 29, 2009
6 3
people who love sneaker and are addicted to them,all they buy is sneakers
yo bro i went to my friends house and this dude was on sneaker crack ,he had like 100 pairs of sneakers.
by TheGhostKiller October 25, 2009
2 1
Dangerous Block Lock Out Crip Killers
Don't mess with the homie hes with D.B.L.O.C.K
by TheGhostKiller July 24, 2009
9 9