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2 definitions by TheGaze

The Sacajawea dollars that are made of pirates gold. One may obtain these priceless pieces by, getting change. See Dirty Injin(g)
"Dude! Can I borrow some dough fo the T?"
"Sorry homie, I only got a 20... and you know that machine only gives back Sacajaweewee Dubloons!"
by TheGaze February 01, 2007
6 4
noun, adj, adverb
When one acts obnoxious. They act a little gay, a little retarded. Thus creating..."gaytarded, gaytard, gaytardedly"
"Did you hear that Johnny didn't even get accepted to Massasoit???"
"Jeez dude, he's such a gaytard!
by TheGaze February 01, 2007
5 7