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There are several reasons why you could be reading this definition.

1) You want to know the definition
2) You are horny.
3) You want to sexually please yourself.

If you are horny you have extreme sexual desire. If you don't have sex or masturbate, then it will be awhile before you don't feel horny anymore.
I was at a party, it was really exciting. A girl came up to me, and we started grinding. Eventually we went upstairs, closed the doors, and she began to strip. Her body made me horny She forced me onto the bed, and we started to make out. We switched positions, I was on top and she was on bottom, she gave me a hand job, that felt EXTREMELY good. I began to thrust into her, I could tell I wasn't satisfying her. So I moved faster, and harder. She started to moan. Then, she screamed. The headboard was hitting the wall. After awhile, we got dressed, I was ready to leave, but she stopped me. She grabbed me and we started to dry hump. That was very satisfying. I went back downstairs, I was sitting on the couch, talking to a friend, when all of a sudden, another girl came up to me and gave me a lap dance. That was the happiest day of my life.
by TheGame2048 March 29, 2007
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