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An AMV is a scene, or a series of scenes cut from some popular anime (most often, scenes featuring a fight, or a montage of events during the show that are in some way linked to one another) with some pop music blaring in the background, replacing whatever audio was actually used in the scene(s). These videos are unfortunately made for the sole reason that (once the AMV's creator has written in the uploader comments that they don't claim ownership to the song or the show used in the AMV, and that it was fan made) it is the only way to put anime up on youtube, without the risk of having the video removed, or the creator's account suspended. I don't like anime or pop music, but I have a very hard time imagining anyone liking these things. And I imagine that anime fans just want to see the scene in its original form without having to torrent the episode, or find some other site that will allow them to watch the anime for free. No matter what, in the end everyone's angry, as the show's fans will just get mad that they had to listen to some obnoxious pop song's loud opening note, and end up watching the scene they were looking for free on some other site, the anime studio will still get mad at not making money off of people watching their show, and youtube will get mad since they can't remove the AMV from the site to make the anime studio happy as it was fan made. I'll stick to a good ol' YTPMV if I want some loud obnoxious music playing behind some edited animation.
Seriously youtube, nobody likes AMVs. Just let people get a bunch of stinking views off of a show's fanbase by uploading a fight scene or two from the anime studio's show. It's not like they're stealing paying fans from the anime, what's more likely, is that by allowing people to see a clip from an anime for free and in poor quality on youtube, the anime will gain paying fans, and in the end make more money off of their show than they would by removing the video.
by TheFountainGuard July 23, 2010

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