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1)A metropolis that is littered with high technology like computers and robotics to the point it becomes part of the city's culture and/or religion.

(Today's cities only display the early stages of this phenomenon in the form of large TV screens, lights, people with robotic prosthetic limbs and various other technolgies.)

2) A technopolis is a city where robots and cyborgs are so commonplace that complex computers, robotic parts and artificial intelligence programs can be seen in trash bins and/or are sold freely on the street.

3)A common setting in science fiction stories.
Tokyo may become a technopolis in the future (if it isn't already).

Any 'Future Tokyo' in an anime likely IS a technopolis.

See Ghost In The Shell
by TheForkOfJustice October 26, 2004
Originally an amusing and unique handle for chat rooms and games (originally MINE that is) which has become a comical (and increasingly widespread) way to 'poke' fun at evildoers, trolls or any one of life's petty annoyances within newsgroups, chat rooms and blogs.

It's main purpose is to dismiss annoying arguments, people and situations in a civilized manner without resorting to flaming, net hooliganism or other kinds of embarrassing behaviour.

A way of saying "this little thing will not get me down".

The use of the "Fork Of Justice" ranges from literally using a fork to poke the offending party (in chat), posting a picture of a fork in a thread or blog, or as a comical over-played super hero roleplay.
"I am The Fork Of Justice! I stabbeth thee with my Progs OF Truth!"

"You have been poked with The Fork of Justice. Troll."
by TheForkOfJustice October 26, 2004
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